Scooch Tennis Balls (Reward)

1x Scooch Tennis Ball
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  • 96% of dogs LOVE the taste of Scooch

Scooch Tennis Balls (Reward)

1x Scooch Tennis Ball
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  • Vet formulated

  • No artificial colours or flavours

  • Wheat free

  • Clinically backed ingredients

  • Nutritionist approved

Key Benefits

  • Boost Skin Health

    Like us, dog's can't produce their own Omega-3. An essential fat they need for both brain and heart health, through to soft skin and healthy joints.

  • Protect Joints

    Glucosamine HCl is natural component that gives strength to joint cartilage - helping to defend against damage and keep the protective cartilage intact.

  • Support Digestion

    Bacillus Coagulans is a friendly bacteria shown to reduce harmful bacteria that commonly cause diarrhoea. As well as curbing foul-smelling wind!

  • Upgraded Immune System

    Zinc helps to upgrade your dog's immune system, and support good thyroid function.

  • Vet formulated
  • No artificial colours or flavours
  • Wheat free
  • Clinically backed ingredients
  • Nutritionist approved

Vet Approved.

You might already be familiar with Rory (the vet). If not, keep an eye out for him on your tv screens and social media! A key member of the Scooch team, Rory helps us to support dog parents in getting ahead with their pet's health before problems arise.

Dr Rory Cowlam - your dog's best pal

...and most importantly, pup approved.

Scooch in action

Meet Rupert, a Cavapoo puppy getting the best start to life with his All-In-One chews.


How it works

  • Get your paws on some meaty chews.

    Choose the best for your pup, from our vet-formulated supplements range. Delivered to your door, for free, exactly when you need them.

  • Fetch your own vet.

    Have peace of mind with FREE, unlimited 24/7 video vet support. Our vets are there to support with a prompt personalised video response direct to your phone.

  • Stay in control.

    Our vets created a health quiz for your pup, to give you a measurable score on how they're doing. Unlock, track and improve with tailored recommendations.

How many tubs does my dog need?

Here are our recomended quantities:

  • X-Small dogs

    Less than 6kgs

    1 tub per month

    1 chew a day

  • Small dogs

    6 - 14kgs

    1 tub per month

    2 chews a day

  • Medium dogs


    2 tubs per month

    4 chews a day

  • Large dogs


    3 tubs per month

    6 chews a day

  • X-Large dogs


    4 tubs per month

    7 chews a day

  • Giant dogs

    Over 36kgs

    4 tubs per month

    8 chews a day

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